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Comfort-Aire Limited services and maintains the air conditioning and heating systems of over 300 properties in Alberta; many since inception of the company in 1972. Equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • heat/cool roof top equipment

  • computer room air conditioning units

  • chillers

  • built up systems with remote condensing units

  • gas fired and hot water heating systems

Customers include

  • major developers

  • property managers

  • major banks

  • community centres

  • churches

  • sports facilities

  • auto dealerships

  • tenants of multi-tenant buildings

Benefits of Maintenance Agreements
  1. Equipment is repaired quickly—contract customers are given booking priority over the general public

  2. Convenience of pre-scheduled inspections

  3. Provide a safe & healthy environment for those inside the building

  4. Maintain equipment efficiency

  5. Extend the life of the equipment

  6. Operating cost savings

  7. Reduction in number of breakdowns

  8. Protection of equipment investment

What gets inspected?

Air filters, drive belts, electrical components, circuit boards, sensors, thermostats, programming, Economizers, heating/cooling coils, fans, condensers, evaporators, refrigerant levels, pressures, gas lines, physical damage, piping, hail guards, drain lines, insulation, seals, burners, collection pans, disconnects, valves, etc.

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