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At the end of the day we want to ensure our staff and customers get home safely. We take this very seriously. All of our employees have first aid, WHMIS and TDG training. In addition, Comfort-Aire has been a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)  since 1995.

As part of the ACSA we have attained our Certificate of Recognition (COR). This means our staff has been trained to conduct audits of companies for safety compliance. A company wide safety audit is completed on a yearly basis. Safety meetings are conducted monthly. Overall we encourage a “safety culture” among our employees. With proper training and equipment the job can be completed safely.

Safety compliance management programs

Comfort-Aire Limited is a current member with the following compliance management programs:

  • Complyworks

  • ISNetworld

  • Contractor Check

Environmental initiatives

Today the environment is a hot topic. Everyone wants to do their part to prevent global warming and to nurture Mother Nature.

At Comfort-Aire we feel the same way. All of our technicians are Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Journeymen or Apprentices who have been trained according to environmental initiatives.


Comfort-Aire's employees have received intensive training on handling refrigerant properly.

Many refrigerants are ozone depleting substances. Therefore it is critical to hire a professional contractor such as Comfort-Aire, in order to contain and stop refrigerant leaks. In addition it is important that your contractor dispose of unusable refrigerant properly. At Comfort Aire we transfer the unusable refrigerant into an environmental bottle, purchased from local wholesalers. It is then shipped to Swan Hills Treatment Centre  to be destroyed.


Mercury is another substance we must handle carefully. It is still common in mechanical style thermostats. All mercury bulbs are recycled in Canada by a local waste management company.


Metal components are recycled at a local metal scrap yard. On air conditioning systems we would first remove the refrigerant from the unit using our recovery machines and tanks.


Lubrication oil is poured into our holding drum at the shop. Once the drum is full we call our waste management partner who picks it up for recycling.

Office supplies

Last but not least, our office staff goes the extra mile by recycling all our paper and cardboard.

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